A New Look At Country Style Home Decor

Country style home decor has been a fixture in American culture for centuries. At times, it has been the popular, current look of the American home, which is where the style originated, while more recently it has tended to be used as a more vintage, reminiscent style than a look which is up to date, so to speak. That certainly does not have to be the case, however. With a few small and simple changes, country style home decor can be brought into the twenty-first century.

The great challenge of updating country style home decor is making the necessary changes in such a way that it leaves the basics in tact. After all, if you change the values and principles that are at the core of the country style, then you cannot truly call the result country at all. This is not to say that there is no variety within the country style. In fact, there are an amazing number of different subsets of the country decor, from the basic, frontier image of rustic country to the refined and elegant atmosphere of French country. Understanding these differences is the key to finding the right balance of changes and similarities to update your country look.

Take, for instance, the traditional American country decor. This is probably the best thing to use as a base line of country style home decor. The style is characterized by simplicity, in both the over all design of the objects in the decor, and in the function of everything. Usually, color schemes are light, very often based in a white tone, or sometimes a pale cream or beige. Often, there are some natural elements involved in the decor, such as flowers (or, more often, floral prints.) Compare this to a few other country styles, such as the rustic style. Rustic decor is, indeed, simplistic in form and function. In fact, it is much more so simplistic than the traditional American style. Similarly, the presence of natural elements is much more pronounced in the rustic style, as essentially every piece of furniture in made from wood, most of which is unfinished. However, the coloration in the rustic style is generally quite a bit darker

You can easily adapt your country style home decor by working with different levels of thee three principals. Adding more natural elements with give your decor a more earthy, rustic look. Similarly, more simplicity will make it look more old-fashioned. So, if you want to give your country decor a bit of an update, an excellent method would be to make things a bit more complex and a bit less natural. This does not mean to cut nature altogether or over complicate your decor, by any means, but you should make your natural references a bit less obvious. For instance, work with stone rather than wood or flowers as your basic natural material, such as granite counter tops and the like. Also, try working in a few elements that one normally would not find in a traditional country style home decor.

Country Home Decor Is Fun

Home decoration can be a pleasure giving hobby, but country home decor is fun. Unlike home decor, country home decor does not have any standards or fixed format to follow. There is a lot of scope for experimentation in country home decor. Normally, sky is the limit for experimentation.

Generally, very few people decorate their house in a country fashion since it is not part of the current trend. However, people love and appreciate country home decor. One does not need to employ a professional home decorator for country home decor. You can try it on your own.

The tips for country home decor are not too many. Just give the home a country look by placing furniture that resembles village art and craft. Again, ensure there is a adequate space for movement and ventilation.

Within country home decor, there are various categories — metal signs, wooden signs, rusted signs, humorous signs, seasonal decor, French country decor and retro decor. It is very easy to practice country home decor and can be inexpensive hobby. Convert some old unused stuff into an art form or furniture for use at home.

For instance, old wooden furniture can be crafted into small stools and tables for use in kids’ room. Old metal plates can be used with drawings as hangings inside the house. However, the entire should have country decor. There cannot be a mix of contemporary home decor and country home decor. It drastically reduces the in-house beauty.

One can start with the doors. While the door wood should be of top quality, the exterior finishing and coating can be of country home decor. Paint the door with a color more often seen in villages, mud color or rough. Etch the door with markings. Spread metal hangings. The nameplate can be of old galvanized iron.

The furniture can resemble a village setting. Use wooden furniture extensively. If possible get a cane furniture for the house. The wooden furniture should not sport expensive appearance. Let the drawing room have lot of implements used in village. It can be a clay pot or painted vase with flowers. Paintings of village landscape will also add aesthetic value to the room.

Include accessories like wooden clock, metal farmed paintings, baskets, primitive candle stands, wrought iron, rugs, grapevine and twig in clay pots, homespun textiles, pitchers and jars.

Country home decor accessories and products are widely available at all retail stores. Since the categories are big, there is a limitation on choice. Products displayed in retail stores are less when compared to the offered list in the catalogue. Normally, country home decor is supplied against pre-placed orders.

Timeless And Ever-lasing Wrought Iron Home Decor

Wrought iron is a beautiful material for home decor both simple and unique. Take the weathervane, for example. A weathervane of wrought iron can be used to decorate the outside of a house. It becomes a functional piece (showing wind direction), but also offers a stylish accent to your home. Another common example of wrought iron home decor is in trivets containing iconic representations of cats, birds and other farm animals and symbols. These types of collectibles can be hung on walls or placed on shelves.
Reasons to Use Wrought Iron
Wrought iron home decor items are appealing because of their simplicity. As mentioned above, they are iconic, meaning a cat is represented strictly by the shape of a cat. With wrought iron home decor you will avoid clichd items like a white Persian cat looking serenely at the camera; the wrought iron cat is austere and timeless, while the color image is usually dated somehow. Wrought iron home decor does not date itself with trends or fads; it is absolutely timeless. Unless you want to change your home decor to some other style, wrought iron home decor will always look up to date and classy.
Where the Inspiration Came From
In many European countries, wrought iron is a common home decor material, which is used excessively to decorate the outside of houses, but not inside. The weathervane is a good example of this, but weathervanes are not the most common example of exterior wrought iron home decor. Wrought iron decorations were a popular item in Europe to find on the outside walls of the home, though being geometric, not iconic.
One more prominent trait of European houses they frequently use wrought iron lines on their exterior walls. The lines don’t go the length or the width of the wall; they are simply line fragments placed on the wall here and there. While wrought iron home decor in Europe appears as quite different from American wrought iron home decor in the definition of symmetry, it is still a beautiful and timeless option.

Native American Art As Your Western Home Decor

Western home decor style is associated with the feel of Old West in many people’s minds. Perhaps, cowboys and saloons are the first images that pop up when western home decor is mentioned, but Native American art is a far more beautiful option to decorate your house in this particular style.

Dreamcatchers as Western Home Decor

One of the most popular Native American art items one can purchase is a dreamcatcher. Constructed in various shapes, with the middle resembling a spider web and the sides with feathers and beads, dreamcatchers are meant to catch bad dreams.

If you use a dreamcatcher as a part of your western home decor, the best place to put one is the bedroom. However, people have also been known to hang it in the middle of a front window. Dreamcatchers can be quite small, or they can be quite large, so when choosing one, be sure that you have the wall space to properly display it.

Sweet Grass Baskets as Western Home Decor

Beautiful hand woven sweet grass baskets are a significant part of Native American art; they perfectly fit into any western home decor. You can place them anywhere in your home, depending on their size.

These baskets are often placed, for example, on mantelpieces. Sweet grass baskets are becoming more and more difficult to find, as there are few who know how to make them anymore, so to own one is to truly own a special piece of Native American art.

Native American Pottery and Collector’s Plates as Western Home Decor

Perhaps the most popular form of Native American pottery is that made by the pueblo. Their pottery is colorful, and a great centerpiece for any coffee table. Collector’s plates depicting Native American warriors are also quite popular, and are often seen adorning the wall of a family room.

More Options for Western Home Decor

Native American art can provide many more options and ideas for your western home decor. If you wonder where you can find the right items to be used as your home decor, check the Internet chances are you will find retailers in your area, or get links to a few websites that sell Native American art. The prices for Native American art vary greatly, but when it comes to authentic western home decor, they are truly valuable and beautiful examples.

Victorian Home Decor Romantic And Abundant

Victorian home decor based on abundance and rich accessories is still popular today in spite of the fact that other aspects of Victorian culture like clothing or morals are not in present society anymore. Of course, Victorian home decor has changed in a number of ways over the years, but not so much that it has lost its authenticity. If you see closely, modern Victorian home decor style is still firmly and authentically Victorian.

The Roots of Victorian Home Decor

Victorian style is all about excess and abundance. This is the polar opposite of styles like oriental or philosophies like Feng Shui. The Victorian home decor goes to the fullest extent possible. If you look at Victorian clothing styles and Victorian-era morals, you will see a strong resemblance. Victorian clothing featured skirts to the ground, with excess material making the skirt as full as possible. Collars went up people’s necks; they were not of the fold-down or the low-cut variety. Sleeves were also to the wrist. Similarly, your Victorian home decor should dress” your house to the fullest.

Dressing your House

In order to fully dress the house, you should begin with the skeletal structure of your home. Windows are considered the most important element in Victorian home decor; you have to fully dress your windows with at least three full, distinct, flowing layers of curtains and shades. As for the color, white fabric would be the best choice the white layers will allow the sunshine to filter through even though your windows are completely covered.

Further Accents

In addition to window dressings, Victorian home decor requires Victorian furniture and accents. Furniture should be beautiful but usable, and its purpose should be crystal clear. Once you have your furniture in place, add other accents like white lampshades with ornaments on them. This should pertain to every lampshade in your house. Similar to the windows, your light bulbs should be dressed in two to three layers of white fabric, with gold accents if you wish

Victorian home decor can look very beautiful in your house, if you put in some time and effort. Invest in beautiful fabrics and a few key accents, and any room in your house can become a romantic Victorian retreat.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Aside from gathering with friends and family over the holiday, Christmas is an exciting time to decorate the home inside and out. If you want to decorate but have a budget, there are plenty of outdoor Christmas decorations you can make with existing materials and a few additions, such as lights. Making your own Christmas décor brings the family together while crafting and ensures that everything in the yard is homemade and one-of-a-kind.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

  • Wrap Christmas lights around objects in your yard, such as a bicycle. Wrapping lights around unusual objects creates a one-of-a-kind look for your yard.
  • If you live in a cold climate, use your birdbath as décor. Section off the birdbath with white stones and add sections of orange slices and cranberries. Fill the bath with water and allow it to freeze for a colorful decorating piece.
  • Fill existing window boxes or planters with sprigs of pine and pine-cones or other natural branches found in your yard. Purchase baby’s breath from the florist and tuck it in with the branch sprigs.
  • Fill two vintage or weathered metal baskets with greenery from around the yard such as pine and fill them with Christmas tree ornaments. Place each one on either side of the front door for a festive and colorful look.
  • Create an illuminated path to your door by purchasing four to six hurricane glass vases and fill them with dark river rocks purchased from a craft or hardware store. Sprinkle red holly berries into each vase and set a pillar candle on the rocks. Place the vases, two or three on each side of the path, up steps or a walkway for a classic look.

Wholesale Home Decor

Wholesale home decor offers a cost-efficient alternative for purchasing home accessories. Whether the decor is for personal use or will be resold to other buyers, the merchandise is priced below retail or department store prices. There are several avenues for purchasing discounted interior design accessories, and some do not require a resale license.

Make a list of home decor needs. Create a list of the desired home décor items to be used in the home or resold. Include all interior design accessories that fit the theme and layout of the home. For example, candles, linens, wall hangings, dishes and furniture can be on the list. Break the list into categories by room and by price to figure an affordable budget.

Browse the selection of furnishings and accessories on the Koehler Home Decor website. Koehler is one of the largest and most reputable online wholesale home decor dealers. Customers who order at least $750 worth of merchandise will receive a coupon code for 5 percent off their order, while orders of at least $1,350 will receive a coupon code for 10 percent off their total order. Koehler Home Decor also offers a free drop-shipping service for businesses. Many wholesale home decor dealers require business ownership to get wholesale prices, but Koehler does not. Anyone can order from Koehler Home Décor.

Call wholesale home decor suppliers. Research suppliers and ask if they offer special hours for the public to shop. Wholesale suppliers’ phone numbers can be found on Internet searches and through the yellow pages. These dealers often charge sales tax and mark up the prices slightly for the public, but their prices are generally better than those of retail store. Direct Buy allows consumers to enter a ZIP code to locate nearby wholesale home decor vendors.

Shop at wholesale home decor clubs. Many businesses buy overstocked or discontinued items and sell them in bulk quantities at wholesale or below-wholesale prices. Sam’s Club, Ollie’s, Costco, Gabriel Brother’s and B.J.s are popular wholesale clubs that offer retail items at a discounted price. Some home decor items at wholesale clubs could have blemishes or deformities, so examine the merchandise carefully before purchasing. Additionally, some wholesale clubs require a membership fee to shop at the store.

Consider applying for a business license from the state. Many wholesale home decor suppliers offer the best prices to dealers who are licensed. For resale purposes, existing hobbies, interests or skills can be considered as business ventures that will help with business license qualifications. A few home decor sales to friends and family will help legitimize the business license application. Research legal requirements carefully and compare business license costs to expected savings.

Decorate with Rustic or Primitive Home Decor the Easy Way

A popular decorating idea lately is to use rustic or primitive home décor in your own home. Whether you simply have a den or basement in your home or a whole cabin in the woods that you want to decorate, you can use rustic or primitive home decor to bring some nature into your life.

My cousin lives in a beautiful modern log home only a short drive from a big city. She enjoys the look of her natural log walls and open beamed ceilings every day. Even though she has all modern appliances, she wouldn’t think of decorating with anything but primitive home décor.

If you are handy with carpentry tools, you can build some of your own tables and benches for primitive home décor. Be sure to leave some natural wood blemishes intact. You can also find great deals on end tables and coffee tables that bring the outdoor life inside. Many like to use antlers or carvings of wildlife figures for table legs or for artwork both on the wall and as natural statues.

Plush and cozy sofas and deep chairs with wood accents compliment primitive home décor. Display nature’s beauty with real (or fake) fur rugs, wall hangings, or blankets. They add warmth to your rustic cabin décor.

The brick fireplace mantle is a perfect place to display some of nature’s tchotchkes. A huge selection is available online or in many stores specializing in natural home décor today. You can also find outdoor wood scenes as wall art for your primitive home décor.

My sister-in-law loves her moose-theme bathroom linens in her modern home on the river. She found her primitive home décor items at a nearby department store. I added to her collection at Christmas with a moose candle holder and liquid soap dispenser. She already had a fake moose head hanging over the toilet!

You can choose from many designs for primitive home décor for bedroom linens too. Wildlife themes abound with moose and bear being the most popular. If fishing is your game, you can find several great fish themes too.

Even when you have the convenience of a modern kitchen, you can still display some primitive home décor by selecting from the many wildlife designs for dishes and tableware. Add some placemats, napkins, or tablecloths designed from nature to bring primitive home décor to every meal.

When you travel, take some time to look in the souvenir shops to add to your collection. Displaying hand-carved wildlife scenes and crafty primitive home décor items from the places you visit are wonderful ways to remember your trip.

My cousin found a chainsaw carving of bears to set outside her front door. She named one of her golden retrievers “Bear” and just couldn’t resist adding the bear carving to display her primitive home décor front and center.

See more decorating ideas and learn how to use the Color Wheel to coordinate your colors in my article “Tips for using the Color Wheel to Create the Right Mood”. You can turn your decorating project into the perfect room on any budget.

Tropical Home Decor

Thanks to the new styles of tropical home décor, the amount of people who are being turned onto this style is growing day by day. This is all due to the many new lines of tropical home décor that are marking the line between flashy and tasteful that seems to be so blurred that it is not working for most. If you consider the tropics for a moment then you will understand what the debate is over. The tropics are actually quite beautiful and most often they are anything but flashy or tacky. This is how the new line of tropical home décor is being created. The appeal is going way beyond those that have been to the tropical areas and is extending to a whole new group of people who want the warm and inviting feel that tropical home décor brings to the table. The mass appeal has the manufacturers scrambling to keep up as the surge has caused a shortage in many areas. This is good news for the companies that make and sell this tropical home décor.

When it comes to home décor the tropical home décor is one of the finest and easiest to work with. When you consider the massive amount of choices that you have with the tropical home décor you understand that more often than not there is more than enough for you to work with. This means that even the most picky person can find exactly what they want without having to spend massive amounts of money. That is always the biggest downfall for the home décor area as the prices of some of the styles tend to run way past that of the normal budget leaving many people without the style they desire for lack of a large enough budget. This can not be said of the tropical home décor line. The prices are very reasonable and can easily be fit into the budget of most that are interested in this style.

The tropical home décor line is becoming so popular that it can be found most anywhere, as long as the place has not sold out of it, which has been known to happen more often these days. You will find that all the styles from the tropical home décor line fit nicely with other items in your décor, which will make it much easier for you to make the decorating choices that are all important.

5 Great Home Decorating Tips

To get the most from your home decorating experience, you need to find your home decorating style. There are many different styles out there and none are really right or wrong; it’s all about finding what meets your personality and preferences.

Here are some tips to help you decorate your home in a style that you will be happy and comfortable with for many years to come:

1. Theme- You may want to decide on a theme. Whether it is just for one room, a portion of the house or even the entire house, a theme will help you plan properly for what you want in your home. There are many options to choose from such as southwest décor, rustic décor, country décor, modern décor, Art deco décor, Western décor, tropical décor, happy hour décor and more.

2. Style- Your style is not the same as your theme. There are three popular styles – traditional, contemporary, and country- that most people choose from. So you may have a contemporary tropical décor or a traditional Western décor, etc.

3. Mix it up- Don’t be afraid to mix up room elements. Gone are the days when everything has to match. You can mix up old and new, store-bought and hand crafted, modern with country and more.

4. Be unique- Going with the current trend is nice and it helps guide you to what you want to do with your home décor but don’t be afraid to be unique. Handcrafted items and artwork make it easy to have a unique style and feel in your home.

5. Internet- Take advantage of the opportunities that the internet provides both for getting ideas and also for purchasing home décor items.

When decorating your home, don’t try to copy a magazine and don’t be afraid to let out some of your own creative style and personality. You are the one that will be living there, after all.

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